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Preparing Your Yard and Garden for Spring

As spring approaches and signs of growth are popping up all around us, the time has come to ready the yard, landscaping, flower beds, and gardens for the warm weather seasons. While it might be tempting to wait until things warm up, cultivating a healthy lawn and landscape starts before it gets warm. What are some things you can do to prepare the yard before spring hits?

Lawn Inspection

The winter may have taken a toll on your yard this year. One important task in maintaining your lawn and keeping it looking beautiful is to give it a good exam once snowfall is unlikely to happen again. Take a look at your grass. Do you see any areas that are bare or thinning compared to the rest of the yard? If so, you’ll want to seed those areas once temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Are there spots that look unhealthy? You may have a fungal issue that needs to be addressed by a professional. If you see weeds or twigs throughout the yard, be sure to go over those areas gently with a wire rake in order to loosen the dirt and remove extra debris and dead grass that would impede new grass growth. If you see crabgrass and other weeds emerging, you’ll want to apply a weed control treatment to prevent further spread.

Landscaping and Flower Beds

If you have mulched areas or landscaped beds on your property, one of the easiest ways to prepare those areas for spring is to carefully rake out leaves and debris that have collected over the fall and winter. Gently rake out leaves and remove them or use them as compost for your garden soil. Assess the mulch levels and add a fresh layer if you feel it is necessary. You may want to remove some older mulch before adding the new layer so that you don’t have more than 3 inches of mulch. Touch up the edging around the beds for a clean, fresh look.


It’s not too early to start preparing your vegetable gardens, either. You can till the soil for planting, add compost material to enrich the soil, and even plant a few early vegetables and herbs. Plot out and purchase seeds for what you intend to grow later in the season when the weather is warm enough.

Each of these steps will make it much easier to maintain your outdoor space once the warm weather arrives. When you’re ready to plant flowers, be sure to visit A&N Lawn Service’s local Pittsburgh nursery and greenhouse at 2130 Reis Run Rd. We offer plants, flowers, seeds, mulch, and bulk supplies for landscaping and gardening projects large and small. If you’re in need of professional lawn care or maintenance, give our team a call at 412-931-9230. We look forward to helping you grow a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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