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Pathway covered with snow in winter along a slope with homes and retaining wall. Frosted landscape with grasses, trees, and white cloudy sky.

Winter Retaining Wall Care

If you have retaining walls on your property, it’s crucial to maintain them throughout the winter to ensure they continue to look great and function properly. Your retaining walls are vital in holding back soil and preventing erosion. Still, the winter weather can disrupt the earth, warp its materials, and put unnecessary pressure on the wall.

How to Keep Your Retaining Wall in Good Condition in the Winter

At A&N Lawn Service, we’ve put together our top tips for maintaining your retaining walls this winter:

Avoid Using Salt to De-Ice

The retaining walls made from brick, timber, stone, or concrete blocks can become corroded by salt. We recommend using a non-sal alternative near your retaining walls, such as sand or cat litter, to provide traction on icy surfaces. This will prevent the salt from damaging your retaining walls.

Reinforce Your Walls to Withstand Extra Weight

Your walls are designed to hold soil in place, but as the winter weather brings snow, the soil becomes heavier from the additional moisture. This additional moisture also compacts the soil, which can place additional pressure on the wall and compromise its structural integrity.

To remedy this issue, be sure to install metal ties to help reinforce your wall and prevent it from collapsing from the next snowstorm.

Replace Lost Soil and Mulch

When the snow melts, the water can wash away the soil that is behind your retaining wall. This means that you need to add in dirt and a fresh topsoil layer to replace what was lost. After replacing the soil, be sure to tamp it down to ensure the wall is secure.

To protect the roots of any shrubs or plants near the wall, we recommend that you place mulch around them to insulate the roots from the cold and reduce the soil lost by runoff.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Winter Retaining Wall Maintenance

Professionals, like the team at A&N Lawn Service, can evaluate your retaining wall, making any necessary repairs or reinforcements to ensure that your retaining wall can withstand the extra pressure and stress that the winter season may place on it.

With our expertise in retaining walls, we can ensure that your retaining walls are ready to brave the winter weather without worry of collapse or other damage.

For retaining wall maintenance, Pittsburgh homeowners can contact A&N Lawn Service to learn more!

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