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Hardscaping Trends for 2022

With the warm summer weather upon us, it’s time to start revamping your landscape! As you spend more time outdoors, you can follow these hardscape trends by A&N Lawn Service to spruce up your outdoor space!

Add Lighting or a Fire Feature

Fire features are a major hardscape trend for 2022. A fire feature offers ambiance and warmth for the cool summer evenings or chilly fall afternoons. With a fire pit, you can utilize your outdoor space earlier in the springtime and well into the fall season.

Adding additional lighting is also a great way to spruce up your space and set a calm, relaxed mood. There are a variety of lighting options depending on the mood you’re trying to set. From fairy lights and lanterns to pool lighting and walkway lighting, extra lighting can add ambiance to the space while also keeping loved ones safe from tripping in the dark while enjoying your outdoor space.

Flexibility and Functionality

One big trend we see in hardscape for residential properties is creating a backyard space that can serve a variety of needs. For example, you can add a firepit that provides warmth in the cooler months but then transforms into a fishpond or aquatic garden in the warmer months. You can also add elements like a retaining wall to not only create garden beds and prevent erosion but to add seating that can be used while you host a cookout or gathering.

Outdoor Kitchens and Outdoor Living Rooms

To add more enjoyment to your home, consider extending your living space to the great outdoors! This will help you create a space that is perfect for entertaining. Adding an outdoor kitchen allows you to cook out while you watch the kids play in the pool, or with an outdoor living room, you can enjoy fresh burgers and the football game while enjoying your backyard oasis.

With these hardscaping trends, you can extend your living space, giving you and your guests a fun and unique way to enjoy the outdoors.

Sustainable Hardscapes Features

Sustainability is a major trend in 2022 that extends to your home’s hardscapes. We are seeing a rise in popularity with hardscapes such as stone patios and pathways, decks, retaining walls, sculptures, and fencing that all work to prevent erosion and minimize grey water pollution. When you have permeable features in your landscape, you allow the water to properly irrigate the soil. This prevents excess runoff from entering the storm drains, preventing pollution from entering waterways.

For example, we can install a retaining that will help the water in your yard drain correctly. These retaining walls can be made from brick, stone, or cement. They will create a beautiful, eye-catching centerpiece that serves a purpose for the environment.

Ready to Start Your Hardscaping Project? A&N Lawn Service Can Help!

At A&N Lawn Service, we specialize in creating beautiful hardscapes for your outdoor space. From outdoor kitchens to retaining wall installation, Pittsburgh homeowners can count on us to get the job done right! Contact us today to learn more!

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