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Planting Lily Bulbs in Her Garden

Fall Planting Tips for a Spring Garden

As the summer heat dies down and the weather starts to cool off, it’s time to start planning your spring garden! With the plentiful fall showers and warm soil, your plants will have a chance to lay down roots before the ground freezes, setting you up for beautiful bloom this spring!

Another perk of the fall weather is the pest and disease problems also go away with the warm temperatures to make for the perfect fall garden. You can also find fall deals on perennials, shrubs, trees, and spring-blooming bulbs. Additionally, this is a great time to seed your cool-season turfgrass for a lush lawn come springtime.

What are the Best Plants for the Fall?

Violas and Pansies

Pansies and their small cousin, the viola, thrive in the fall time. With the warm soil, they can put down strong roots to survive the winter and reward you with beautiful blooms in the spring. When you plant these flowers in the fall, you will get enjoy the blooms in the fall and then see them bloom again in the spring.

To ensure they overwinter well, use a thick layer of mulch around the plant to insulate them once the ground freezes.

Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs such as tulips require a period of cold weather to bloom in the spring. This is why they must be planted in the fall, allowing you to enjoy them in the spring.

The great thing about bulbs is that you can choose from a wide variety of colors, bloom times, and even heights! You can even plant bulbs that deer and other animals don’t like to eat, such as daffodils.


Perennials are a great addition to your spring garden. If you have existing perennials, you can divide and replant perennials such as astilbe and hostas. When planting perennials, we recommend that you keep them well-watered until the ground freezes. This will help them grow stronger, healthier root systems so they can bloom big and bright in the spring.

To protect from frost heaving, you will want to use shredded leaves or other types of mulch to form a protective layer about three inches thick around the plants.

Shrubs and Trees

Trees and shrubs can thrive in the early fall soil and develop strong root systems for the spring season. Before planting your trees or shrubs, make sure you locate any underground lines by contacting your local utility companies.

We also recommend keeping your newly planted shrubs and trees well-watered until the soil freezes. This will help them grow healthy and strong until they go dormant in the winter.

Turf Grass

Is your lawn patchy? Now is a great time to establish new turf grass to fill in patches and create a lush green lawn come springtime. Seeding is a cheap and easy DIY option for revitalizing your lawn. To repair patchy or damaged areas, you need to first rake over the spots to expose the soil.

You will then sprinkle grass seeds throughout the area you want them to grow and then cover the seed with straw or compost. Like the other plants we’ve mentioned above, you will want to keep the new grass well-watered until the ground freezes.

Lawn and Landscape Services in Pittsburgh

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