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How Early Should I Get a Christmas Tree?

If you’re interested in getting a Christmas tree from a Pittsburgh greenhouse, it’s important to know when to make your purchase. The most traditional time to get your Christmas tree is the weekend following Thanksgiving. We recommend that you shop for your Christmas tree earlier in November. When you purchase your Christmas tree earlier, you can beat out the competition for a higher quality tree selection, and when properly displayed and watered, you will likely have a fresher holiday tree.

Why is Mid-November The Best TIme to Buy a Christmas Tree?

Mid-November is a great time to plan your Christmas tree purchase. Many Pittsburgh greenhouses open during the middle of November and begin cutting their trees for sale. These places promote early sales in designated areas where their Christmas trees are of age and in perfect shape. These areas tend to yield the best trees at the beginning of the season, making it a great time to plan your visit and shop around.

Another great reason to get your Christmas tree earlier is that the trees are often cut in early to mid-November. This means when the trees are not purchased until after Thanksgiving, their drying process is advanced, and the tree’s needle retention will often be compromised.

You could get lucky and find a fresh tree later in the season, but do not consider a tree purchased after Thanksgiving weekend to be a fresh tree. You will likely get a lower-quality tree as much of the tree selection may be picked over. The sooner the cut tree is placed in the stand with water, the sooner you can promote needle retention.

Buying a tree early also helps you avoid the short buying season. The number of shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas will vary each year, meaning you may not have as many days to shop for your Christmas tree. Also, natural occurrences such as disease, insects, fire, ice, or drought can lead to shortages of Christmas trees, making it difficult to find certain types of trees. Picking a tree at the right time will.

Finding the Right Place to Buy Your Christmas Tree

At A&N Lawn Service, we offer a wide selection of quality Christmas trees at our Pittsburgh greenhouse. Be sure to stop by our convenient location on Reis Run Road in Franklin Park to bring Christmas cheer to your home this season! Contact us today to learn more!

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