Residential Lawn Care 1

Enhance Your Property With A Fresh Lawn

Residential Lawn Care

A&N Lawn Service Inc. provides two maintenance package options for residential customers, ensuring quality service for their homes with additional services available upon request. Proper maintenance is crucial for enhancing the value of appeal of your property. Our lawn and landscape maintenance program are carried out by experienced professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to maintain lawns with precision. The project manager and specialized technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch service for all your lawn maintenance needs. Contact us to review package options and schedule services for a fresh and inviting outdoor space.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Maintenance Services Provided

Mow & Trim

(Weekly Maintenance) Lawn Maintenance will occur as needed during the growing season. Lawn Maintenance includes mowing the entire lawn area and maintaining a uniform height between 2.5-3.5″, dependent on geographical and climactic conditions. String trimming is done along all walk curbs, as needed, to maintain a good appearance. Clippings will be blown off sidewalks and drives.


Post-emergent removal of weeds in all landscape beds by hand weeding and chemical application.

Spring Cleanup

Includes removing all organic and non-organic debris from the entire property.


Mulch will be applied to existing beds on the property. Dyed mulch will be provided. Color of your choice.


A uniform, mechanical edge will be made around all beds and tree rings (2-3″ depth)

Fall Cleanup

Includes removing all leaves and debris from the entire property.

Pruning & Shrub Trimming

All shrubs and small trees (under 15 feet) will be pruned to maintain optimum shape, growth pattern, and health. A uniform shape is to be maintained while preventing blockage of building signs, pylon and monument signs, all exterior lighting, and site distances at vehicular intersections.

Lawn Treatments

5 treatments of weeds and fertilization in lawn areas will be performed by specified treatments by the property owner. A&N provides the following treatments to create strong, lush, weed-free turf.

Additional Services Upon Request